Bizarre UAD Apollo / input issue - no signal in Cubase

Hi Guys,
Actually Nuendo user but posting it here for more visibility …

I have an Apollo Quad linked with a UAD Arrow that I use for recording. Driver (UA Thunderbolt) is selected, and I’ve created 36 mono inputs with each UAD input routed to one mono input in Cubase.

I’m trying to record a synth coming in on channel 3 of the interface (for clarity this happens on whatever input I try).
I can see a signal coming into the Apollo via the Console app, and can hear it as well. The channel is unmuted in Console.

In Cubase, I can’t see any activity on any of the input channels, and when I record all of them no signal is recorded.
I’ve checked my io and driver settings, and can’t for the life of me figure out why this signal isn’t coming in.
It’s been a while since I recorded any hardware signal but have recorded stuff in the past with no problems.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!


Could you attach some screenshots, please?

Are you running Mac?


Thank you @GregOndo , that worked!!! Of all the things I thought it could be, this would’ve been the last place I checked…thanks. learned something new today!: )

Hello Greg, this is Al Jonson. I have an Apollo X6 as an Interface. I can’t figure out how to route Cubase 12 and the UAD Console. Is there a diagram or template pertaining to this. I’m at a complete stand still. Can you please direct me to a solution?