BLA Mod UR824

I sent my UR824 to Black Lion to get Mod… It is finish & they are shipping it back to me today & I can’t wait til I get… once I get & set it back up in the studio, I will post my results on how it sounds with the new mic pre’s & the new converters… :smiley:

Wow is all I can say!! I received my UR824 today from Black Lion & all I can say is WOW!! My boy brought both his UAD Apollo & Avid HD Omni from his studio to compare both preamps & converters & all the both if us could say is Wow & Amazing!!! The UR824 actually Crushes both units… The mic preamps are extremely smooth (non colored), clean & clear! The converters are just simply amazing I mean we can hear every little detail coming out from the UR824 & the Yamaha HS80 monitors…! I mean we hear everything… Much better detail than both the Apollo & Avid HD Omni… I’m going to have a ball tomorrow & this weekend recording my 2nd Jazz album with my band…!! It is on Now & I’m extremely Happy…!!

If you have either UR824 or a MR unit I truly recommend taking it to Black Lion & getting the mod on either or both…
I do have a MR816 CSX, Focusrite OctoPre & a Motu 828 mk3; I have both the MR & Focusrite hooked up to the UR by adat light-pipe & I’m loving it… Get yours Mod…

That sounds very exciting. I have only recently purchased a UR824 and I am mightily impressed with the sound quality out of the box. Great to hear there are 3rd party hardware mods to the unit.


I need some quick advice on 2 units that i have. I want to send one of my audio interfaces to get a mod from black lion audio. Which one should i send? my mr816csx or my ur824? I will do a premium mod. Please get back asap.