Black borders around video

I cannot get rid of the black borders around the attached video in the video window after upgrading to Dorico 4 (still the same after updating to 4.2). It didn’t happen in Dorico 3.5 with the same video file. (The video file is in mp4 format, 30fps)

I tried resizing the video window, detaching and reattaching the video, replacing with other video files, restarting Dorico, and rebooting several times but there was no improvement. Please advise.

Welcome to the forum, Franck. Can you send me the actual video file, so I can take a look at it, and perhaps send it on to our video team for their advice? You can send it to me via e.g. WeTransfer to my email address at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Hi Daniel, I just sent the file to your email address. Please kindly check with your video team. Thanks a lot.