Black Friday Request

There isn’t. Perhaps we get some deal this coming Friday.


They’re torturing us. Sadists!

I just don’t understand how the day after an American holiday (which is somewhat controversial) has turned into a worldwide marketing frenzy. Perhaps Steinberg would like to keep things realistic instead of “Black Week”, “Black Month”, “Pre-Black Friday”, etc.

I like the fact that they have historically called it “cyber weeks” sales and nothing mentioning “Black Friday”.

I don’t know why anyone would even be interested in purchasing a Steinberg product, anyway. If you have read the forum posts, you should be ready to abandon ship! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, though … I’m still on the lookout for an upgrade path for my HALionSonic 2, HALion 5, and HALion 6 licenses at a discount. Possibly considering Absolute, which is said to be included in the deals.

Maybe tomorrow? Or … on BLACK FRIDAY!!! :laughing:


I just checked and the price in the United States is $25, but there is no discount in

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That sounds accurate. :+1:

I’m partial to Freakout Friday, Psycho Saturday and Manic Monday. :face_with_spiral_eyes: Black Friday sounds ominous.

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I really do hope that Wavelab is in the sale, and the wait is killing me. Trying to save money from all the other stores’ deals I’m seeing. I doubt it will go for “weeks” at this point.

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What’s up with the lack of Halion 7 sale?

How long is Steinberg going to goof around before actually putting out meaningful “sales”.

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Available now in the UK - and perhaps elsewhere.


Nothing yet in North America.

Deals seem to be Live in the EU …

The Absolute 6 Crossgrade for HALion 6 owners isn’t listed on that page …
however …
So I am Happy

I Hope others who wanted to get it this way will still be able to tho

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@DjRavix I just saw that, too. About ready to pull the trigger, I think. I will still have HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5 licenses, but I’ll wait for another HALion specific sale to figure out what to do with those. For now, this seems to be the best way for me to get into HALion 7 (and also get the Absolute extras).

Edit: I just purchased the Absolute 6 Crossgrade from HALion 6 at Sweetwater. 0% financing on my Sweetwater card! Sweet! I had to add the Overloud EQ495 for $29, as well. Because I really need ANOTHER EQ plugin! :laughing:

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Sale now active in North America.

Sadly, Steinberg is playing the same game with prices.
The US dollar, upon which the Canadian dollar is based shows Spectralayers @ $180US. The Canadian price should be $241CAN. Instead, it is $270 before sales tax which brings the total to $305CAN.

WHY? :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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WaveLab is in the sale. If you purchase it, you might want to consider holding off on activating it. WaveLab 12 should be released early next year, and you could get a free grace period update.

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Ok i see sale, but there is no for Halion (nor full, nor upgrades).
And coupon CYBERDEALS23 not works for Halion.

And upgrade to Absolute (from H6) is no go for me, since i have all (except H7 resp).

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Perhaps consider Absolute. It’s like supercharged Halion with 130gigs of high end samples.

Sorry but no, i ended with libraries, need instruments only.

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That is your choice.

Absolute and Absolute updates/upgrades have been included in more sales in recent years than the individual instruments.

The advantage of Absolute is that one licence covers the full versions of HALion, Groove Agent, Backbone, The Grand, Retrologue and Padshop. You can crossgrade an individual licence for the current version of any one of those instruments (other than The Grand) to Absolute in return for a discount, then sell any other licences you own for the included instruments. You can choose whether to install the add-on content bundled into Absolute or ignore it.

The disadvantage of Absolute is that you must pay to update Absolute in the future; you cannot update individual instruments included in Absolute.

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As i already said - i have all mentioned above (ok except Grand, but i not really need it).
Just i think it’s some not very fair BF - when discounts to all but not for main plugins itself.
But ok nvm, you right it’s only me choice.

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Just upgraded from Padshop Pro (which was a upgrade to the “old” Cubase Padshop 1) to Padshop 2 and from there to Absolute 6.

First it didn’t recognized the Absolute upgrade key, after a restart everything worked fine.

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