Black Friday sale this year?

Curious if anyone at Steinberg can chime in on whether or not there will be a Black Friday sale for Cubase Pro. I am just about to order a copy while I am waiting on an eLicenser dongle to arrive, but can definitely hold off a few more weeks, if so.

I bought the dongle- got the 30day free upgrade- and did a TON of research on whether or not there would be one and settled upon the fact that it’s probably unlikely BUT you NEVER know! Could be a sale or a rebate-

But when you get the dongle, just do what I did and take advantage of the 30 day trial- and when Black Friday comes along if it’s on sale, we’ll it looks like we scored!

If not, than we gotta pay full price- which honestly, within my first DAY of using Cubase pro vs elements- is BEYOND worth the money.

Cubase Pro is very exciting and this is coming from someone who apprenticed using pro tools for years.

My opinion, as someone who only occasionally works on other peoples music these days- is that Cubase seems to be far superior to anything I’ve tried for the money (I started on ableton) and that if your not consistently working on projects for others, and/or you don’t have a massive hybrid analog studio - Cubase wins.

I successfully comped together a 12 mic drum recording, in under 2 hours MY FIRST TIME while learning how to do it. Which is insanely fast for me.

Hope we get a sale on black friday man!

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Hoping for a good Black Friday deal on Groove Agent 5 and Expansions. Money is ready for the promotional price. :wink:

Could anyone from Steinberg please confirm it now that we are closer to Black Friday? I know, it’s a US thing, but it’s become a trend in audio world these days so it’s not wrong I think to expect promotions during this time from all music software companies. :slight_smile:

The trial license is a great idea…and now, knowing Steinberg is starting the grace period already for Cubase Pro 12, then that will be nice to be able to upgrade it in 2022 for free.

I don’t think I caught that part about the upgrade…does this mean if I buy cubase in the next week I will be able to upgrade to cubase 12 for free?

Only downside to what I did was I spent 30$ on a dongle and 10$ on an adapter that apparently I won’t need because they are doing away w dongles?

THAT is awesome news. And if I get the upgrade for free- even better news… I just either didn’t catch, or didn’t understand the whole grace period thing

If you upgrade to C11 and authorize it now, then when C12 is released you’ll be in the grace period & get it for free. You’d still need the dongle in the meantime to run C11. Plus if you have any other Steinberg products they will migrate to the new license scheme over time. So the need for one won’t go away overnight.

Dope! I just bought it-
Also thank god I waited - I was becoming doubtful there would be a sale and what do you know I saved a ton of money-

314.99 for my upgrade from elements-


Yes, same here! I picked up Cubase Pro 11 for $340 or so with the update from AI. Now it works very similarly to Nuendo with it’s ‘video edit mode’ for some simple post-production work (live picture scrubbing / locating).

They really should just combine these two DAWs into one product one day.