Black Friday Sales, post 'em here!

  1. Melda, “all plugins and bundles 50% off starting” (now?)

  2. Oeksound
    “The sale begins on Friday the 25th of November and ends on Monday the 28th of November .:
    Spiff: 99 €
    Soothe2 full license: 139 €
    Soothe2 upgrade license: 39 €”


Black Friday Plugin Deals 2022 | Audio Plugin Guy

What’s everyone getting? I’m waiting on the Steinberg sales. I’m hoping to get Cubasis on sale. Also, I’m impressed with Sonible.

Thanks for sharing this.

Halion 7

About Dorico Elements 4:
If you want to upgrade from the SE to the Elements version, the website only allows to ‘buy full version for 50€’. (Upgrade from SE still costs 75 €)
Cheapest solution is to upgrade using the upgrade button in Dorico 4 SE :smiley:


Okay, disregard all of the above. I was ‘too fast’ and paid 12 € too much …

Well , Steinbergs one is rather boring, nothing there, i really thought Halion 7 was going to be released

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No comment :unamused:

Indeed, not much to see.
My wish/hope is that they assemble an Absolute 6 package, and offer it for sale next summer.


Agree regarding Steinberg Black Friday offer. So boring and nothing new…
Also I hope to see the sale for Spectrolayers… but they diced to do it with Wavelab which I don’t need…
So for sure will skeep this offer…

I have Halion6 and they have a Halion6 crossgrade to ABSOLUTE on sale but this seems a bad time to upgrade as they haven’t yet made the big Halion7 or Mac M1 native updates.

I wonder why there is no crossgrade offer for Absolute if you already own Halion 6 and GA5…

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Cool Drum / Perc loops & one shot samples for 20$ if u need them

PianoTeq 8, 25% off till 11/28/2023

Soundtoys: Plug-in Some Attitude.

40% off TAL plugins

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Is that reverb normally free? Looks really nice - grabbing that! :slight_smile:

It is yes. The Polysix plugin is half price on the Korg website