Come on Steinberg, give us a BF sale would you! Give us some Expansions :slight_smile:

Some upgrade from Artist to Pro would be nice.
It is too expensive for a home studio.

Sale for Black Friday, please :smiley:

AVID is Making 50% in subscritions on ProTools…

Waiting for a sale to upgrade to cubase 10.

So a 50% off Steinberg subscription? Are you freaking kidding me? This is why I left Pro Tools HD and use Cubase exclusively! Steinberg has no subscription and this is what I love about them. Well, besides having some serious bad ass software . Apples to Apples brother! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait the sale!

I’d be amazed if there are any reductions on Cubase 10 on Black Friday. That would make no sense.

some will be pissed off and some very happy…as always :ugeek:

Hoping for a Wavelab discount

Give discount for nuendo 8 upgrade from previous versions

Cubase 10 discount come on!!

Black Friday offers loading… Please wait! :wink:

OMG why there is no sale on cubase 10 upgrade from 9.5?!

Upgrade from 9.5 would be really really great.

Because it was just released, of course…

Still it would be a great gesture for loyal users

I think your pushing it for the 10 update to be in a sale 2 weeks after release…

What I would like to see is prehaps a better price on the Groove Agent update which is right out of order, I own GA4 and now GA5 SE and its still ÂŁ85.

Picked up The Grand for 60.00, not bad. Thanks SB!

bought it too for 60
,i used the demo long time ago, didn’t liked it that much back then,it sounded synthetic and not organic as some other better ones. well its the same now HAHA.
hope for better organic pianos with character from steinberg in future,MAYBE TG4 ?