Black Lion Audio mods on MOTU interfaces

Hi all, just wondering if any of you here have ever used these guys to mod your MOTU products, they replace the analog input stages with better stuff, it is supposed to make a dramatic improvement… I’ve only found one horror story so far.

I am considering it, but would prefer to find someone who could provide a/b audio proof… they don’t seem to on their site.

Thanks in advance for any insights…


Hi Robin,

I was seriously thinking of doing those mods to my 2408mkII & 1224 a few yrs ago, but back then the US dollar was so high compared to the Canadian $ that I never bothered.

Also, in the late 90’s and early 2k’s, Motu was a pain to deal with in regards to Windows & drivers, and I figured I would wait until my Motu units died and would replace them with RME, but my Motu’s haven’t died yet :slight_smile:

I have talked to a few guys a while ago and they were very happy with the results of the mods.

Sorry I can’t give you a review, buy hey, why don’t you do the mod and give me one instead now the dollar is at par :laughing:

Thanks for the feedback, I am going to play safe for now, and wait for some more testimonials, but if one can believe what one reads, it certainly makes good sense.


There was a guy I know that had an 828 or hd192 something… IIRC, it was a 2ru unit with level meters and such on it. I never heard it, but what he said, he bought an Apogee Big Ben and clocked his converters with it and he said it was a night and day difference. I know Black Lion changes some of the clocks in the units… So the clock option may be totally worthwhile.

Have you checked geatslutz?? I remember seeing a lot of folks that had their stuff modded by B.L and they all seemed happy.

Thats all I know… I used to have a motu 2408mkiii back in the day.

Why not email B.L. and ask for audio samples??

Lastly, I don’t think there will be a wow factor at first if you do get your unit(s) modded. I may be wrong… It will probably become increasingly apparent when you stack tracks that the sound has new and better qualities once the unit was modded.

A while ago I tried the black lion mod kit for the Alesis 3630 compressor, had nothing to loose as it was a pile of poo in its unmodified state. The modification was extensive, replacing most of the active components in the audio chain and compression circuitry and associated passive. The result was one transformed compressor, went from being a door stop to a highly usable device. Shame they dont offer the mod any more.

Anyway from that experience I would say Black Lion were very good.

Interesting… Perhaps there would be a more significant difference than I would have expected. If it were me though, I would sell the MOTU pieces and get an RME or Steinberg MR816. From the reading I have done surrounding this topic last night, going from a MOTU to a MR816, shannibit (spelled kinda like that) at gearslutz went that way and noted a night and day difference.