Blacklist Plugin's - Why????

Why does Cubase blacklist certain plugin’s and how can you determine the reason?

I have a few plugins that have been blacklisted (one of them purchased with iLok license) and after reading loads of posts there seems to be two solutions, neither of which guarantee success:

  1. Delete or edit the Blacklist.XML file and re-scan
  2. Re-install Cubase or run the latest update

But what if neither of these actually work and your plugin continues to be blacklisted?

Why did Cubase blacklist the plugin in the first place?

  • It failed to initialize?
  • It failed to see the iLok license, (my case)?
  • Cubase is faultly?
  • OS problem?
  • 32 bit vs 64 bit issue?

Does anyone have any words from Steinberg on the issue? From what I have read - everyone just mucks about with the 2 options above and Cubase and the plugin manufacturers remain silent!!!

The Blacklist.XML file does not seem to have any useful information?

I would love to get some insight into this annoying issue…

Which plugins?


Right there with ya dude…

I’d say about 70% of my plugs are getting blacklisted. And I obviously can’t use them. Which means I can’t use Cubase 6.5 64bit. Darn it.

I might add that I tried to simply copy and paste the 32bit plugs into the 64 bit VSTPlugins folder :wink: I was under the impression that I can still use most of these plugs under the VST Bridge function. but every time I try to point cubase to a folder with these plugs, it gets blacklisted.

ALSO My 64 bit TC Electronic Powercore plugs are getting blacklisted too. Theres NO reason for that one, because I used the 64 bit installer and pointed the install to the Program Files/Steinberg/VstPlugins. :angry:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Powercore plugins aren’t actually 64bit yet, are they? And they probably never will be now, of course. It’s just the driver for the DSP card that is 64bit, and the plugins are still 32bit, but, that said, in my setup they work fine with Cubase 64bit using the built-in bit-bridge.

There were quite a lot of 32/64bit problems in the early days of PoCo v4, but all seems stable now with the latest version (v4.3.3) - have you got that version installed?