Blacklisted Addictive Drums 2

After updating from Cubase 10 to 10.5
I got message that Addictive Drums 2 was Blacklisted. :cry:

A button came up saying IGNORE
after that a message come up YOU`RE DOING ON YOUR OWN RISK :astonished:

But Addictive Drums works well :smiley:
but in RED letters in VST Plug in manager :question:
(also the same if I go to Cubase 10)



Yes, you did it at your own risk. The Addictive Drums didn’t pass Cubase internal VST test, therefore it was blacklisted. When you ignored it, it might happen, the plug-in will crash any time and causes Cubase crash with the plug-in.

That would make sense IF if if blacklisted it on my system - which is doesn’t

doesn’t the fact that some plugins are randomly blacklisted on some systems but not others…and a blacklisted on different versions of cubase tell you something ?

FWIW I do have some plugins that are buggy and crash - and they pass the internal VST test just fine and don’t get blacklisted.

There is always a huge rush by SB to blame everybody else for problems they themselves have created. You are even implying that people running the latest mac version and having problems MUST be using pirated software. It’s mind boggling.


Sorry, but I was reacting to this message:

Cubase doesn’t run complete VST plug-in test. It would take very long and in fact, it’s impossible. Just some basic test has been triggered. The fact that the plug-in pass means, the plug-in is not going to crash in this tested area. It doesn’t mean it’s a crash-free plug-in.

Could you point to the message, where did I say this, please?

hi Martin - you didn’t say it personally…it’s an ‘official SB announcement’ - but as you are posting here as a SB employee, I used the expression “you” meaning Steinberg.

Unfortunately, we are currently able to reproduce the instability on our systems in the headquarter with illegal cracked plug-ins only. If you are using illegal cracked plug-ins they will be banned by Hardened Runtime on macOS and we are not able to make them available in Cubase.

and note, I used the term “implying” not “stating” …

More usefully - what is the reason that some people are getting the same plugin blacklisted and some people aren’t ? Even on my system I can have a plugin blacklisted…remove it from the whitelist - do a rescan and it doesn’t get blacklisted on the subsequent scan. The scan gives inconsistent results and yet you refuse to accept there is an issue with your software and always point the finger elsewhere.

I’m not trying to start a fight but In my opinion it’s not an attitude that is going to get the problem resolved - and that’s why Cubase is currently having so many problems and you are struggling to catch up. It looks to me like the scanning process was substantially changed for .11 and you need to revisit this and find the true source of the problems.

That’s not what I was saying. I said that we couldn’t reproduce it on our systems. The only plug-ins that were blacklisted AND crashed Cubase after the 10.5.11 update, were cracked plug-ins.

We need crash reports to reproduce the issue, but we haven’t received a single crash log caused by this issue from any user.

If you are experiencing crashes when reactivating blacklisted plug-ins, please sent them over.

I know, but that is what you are implying. And currently I’m not having any blacklisting errors personally - but some people are… on the same plugins. And I’ve had that myself previously as I mentioned. It’s random and inconsistent…but that ‘implies’ it’s a SB problem not a plugin problem in my opinion.

I am having other Cubase crashes and errors that ARE Steinberg’s fault but that’s a whole different issue.

The reason I’m posting it because you always point the finger elsewhere … even when the ‘evidence’ suggests otherewise. And in the past I’ve found many SB bugs that initially “you haven’t been able to reproduce”…then eventually you did…and usually you fix them.

Personally I have no problem with SB producing buggy releases - it happens, even though I wish it didn’t… I do have a problem with the fact that usually you deny them instead of owning them. !0.5.10/11 have been the worst that I can remember since cubase 5.

If you want to see Steinberg as the big bad greedy company that is pointing fingers, denying bugs and lying to their customers, there isn’t anything I could possibly say or do to help you right now.

But this won’t help anyone.

What we need are crash logs, system reports and more information about the issues in general in order to reproduce and fix them. And that is what we are here for.

You could help by “owning” the problem and not pointing fingers. The vast majority of people on this forum want a working version of their software and most are happy to help SB getting there. Some of us have been “with” Steinberg since the beginning… At least give us the impression that we’re on the same side :slight_smile:

Problem Disapeard now :smiley:
Seems like Cubase have problems with deciding which dll to start with.
I deleted the dll in program (x86)
and after that Cubase chrased and I restarted Windows.
Then back in Cubase and in the VSTplugin mamager
I see nothing about Blacklistening and also that the “RED Letters” hans gone away. :laughing:
So now it works as well as it has done before with both 10 and 10.5 and with the Blacklisted and “RED” letters in VST pluginmanager
Still wondering wlhy :astonished:

yep - a bit random - I suspect something amiss in the new VST scanning routine - unless SB at least accept that this ‘might’ be true then they won’t fix it.

I have just installed Cubase 10.5.12 and my Addictive drums 2 has been blacklisted. Although it was working fine on Cubase 10.0.5 as it is a 64 bit plugin.

on reactivating the cubase shuts down…
please suggest

do you have the latest version of AD2 ? working here in win10

i have AD 2.1.7… not sure if its the latest one

run the XLN online installer to check