Having completed a fresh install to this new PC,I have noticed some of my 64 bit plugins are blacklisted :astonished:

Tried to re activate them but not being able to.

All my plugins are 64 bit as far as I know.I I would assume if there was a 32bit plugin that would get blacklisted straight away,that I can understand. But not 64bit plugins

I can understand Cubase is protecting itself,but this is silly.

Any help would be appreciated,thanks

  • Maybe stupid question but are you very sure you have installed the newest versions of those blacklisted Plugins ?
  • Which Plugins are blacklisted for you ?
  • In my case, (but i am on mac), i also have some blacklisted Plugins (like all the Captain Plugins from the company Mixedinkey).
    But this a known flaw at their side : they are aware of the fact that their plugins are yet not compatible with Cubase (mac)
    and they are working on a fix.
    With this I am saying that it could be that your blacklisted Plugins are just not compatible (yet) with Cubase; you could maybe check this out
    on the Plugin’s company fora or support section.

Kind Regards.


Cubase blacklists the plug-ins, which might crash. It doesn’t matter if it’s 32- or 64-bit. Make sure, your plug-ins are up-to-date. If yes, get in touch with the plug-in vendor, to inform them, and ask them to fix the plug-in, please.