Blackmagic ATEM not recognised

Hi all,
Hi Charlie!! (Long time no see and speak)

I have a bit of a problem here.
I am using a Blackmagic ATEM Mini to “collect” my sources and send specific video to my clients.
I have two GoPro’s, Nuendo Video & additional sources coming into the ATEM,
So I can select what the client sees. Within (for example) ZOOM, I can select the ATEM (see screenshot)
However, I don’t have this option in VST Connect. (Other screenshot)
Is there something I can do?


Hi Fredo,
I found this:
There are several hints there as to what might go wrong, hope it helps. Maybe this is a good start: “It turns out to have been a simple settings issue in Windows’ “Camera privacy settings” – you have to affirmatively choose to “Allow apps to access your camera” and grant “camera access” for the computer. Simple as setting those to ON, and it worked.”

Hi Charlie,

Everything is switched “on”

As said, the ATEM is recognised by Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc …
It just doesn’t show in the list of VST Connect.


know what - I ordered one, had this on my list anyway :slight_smile: will report as soon as I can check.

Oh … You don’t do things by halves, don’t you.


Got it, and it shows up no problems.
You should realize though that Windows is quite picky with USB Ports and webcams, that is to say, it often only accepts one device per USB port. So if you connect your webcam and the BM device (or any other) to the same hub, it may well fail; try to give it a dedicated USB port or don’t add other cams to your switch. Does that help?


I understand.
Except for the fact that the ATEM does show up in Windows, and in every other application but VST Connect. Let me test.



Found the problem.
It’s a refresh/discovery-thing.

  1. ATEM not powered on / Load project (including VST Connect)
  2. Power ATEM “on”
  3. Open VST Connect Configuration

==>>> ATEM is not recognised.

  1. Close project (Leave the ATEM powered up)
  2. Open project

===>>> ATEM is recognised

  1. Switch ATEM “off” (Power off)

====>>> ATEM is still available in VST Connect
(Although it is powered off)

Since all of our machines are in a machine room 50 meters away I do have the ATEM connected to a powered USB hub/extender.
So I have to remember to power the ATEM up before I load a project.

Thanks for your help!


It is true that VST Connect (Performer, too) only scan devices once when beeing started up. It is a heavy task that can block other vital operations of the host.
Good to know you could solve your problem!

Made my first recording.
Worked like a charm.
What a great piece of software!!!
Drinks are on me next time!


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actually in Belgium right now writing this :slight_smile: just driving thru. I‘ll get back to you reg. the beer though!

Damn. Alright, then I come your way.