Blackstar Live Logic - Daw Control :-)

I’m chuffed to bits. Only been using cubase elements for a bit. I was relcuctant to dig into MIDI controllers for Daw control as I sensed that was a pandoras box…

After seeing the hype around Midi Remote I thought I’d see if this lives up to the hype with a foot controller I have on my pedalboard. I didn’t have time to code this with JS hence just used the UI.

I managed to get my Blackstar Live Logic Controller hooked up. I needed to select the Custom option on the back - I did set footswitches to CC myself in the live logic software but unsure if that was needed.

The controller I’ve attached is designed for recording guitar riffs. It only gives very basic control of DAW but being able to use footswitches in this way let’s me stay focussed so is really helpful for recording riffs.

Next step is getting the expression pedal hooked into live logic connected to VST parameter but will leave that for another day.

I have 6 buttons mapped as per below. .

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Blackstar_Live Logic.midiremote (2.7 KB)

I’ve manually printed labels to put on the live logic but if it had screen I’d love to be able to push text to the screen using the UI for Midi Remote. Maybe we need MIDI 2.0 for that.