Blank Activation Codes

Hi All,

I just took delivery of a UR22 MkII. It came bundled with the Cubase AI software to download.

After registering my product with Steinberg, I used the download access code in the hope of getting a link to download Cubase AI. I received an email with the following content:

"Your new activation code(s)

Please find below the Activation Code(s) you have just requested:"

with a few lines that are completely blank and the final section saying how to use the codes. What it hasn’t got is the actual code - it’s just a few blank lines. I’ve opened the email in a number of devices to make sure that its not an image being blocked or not downloaded etc.

Obviously when I try and repeat the process to activate it comes up with an error as the download access codes are a one time hit.

Has anyone got any suggestions on what I can do. I’ve managed to find a link on their website for the download assistant and am downloading a copy which I presume will run in trial mode for a period of time, but I simply don’t have any code on the email from Steinberg to activate the software.

Really appreciate any help you can give me.


Jay :slight_smile:

PS… I tried calling the support number within the advertised hours and it just goes to an answerphone. I’ve raised a support ticket but not had a response. It’s just infuriating to buy a product and then have to jump through hoops to be able to even use it.

Hi and welcome,

Create a ticket in the official Steinberg support, please.