Blank dialogue when opening files

Hey all,

I get stuck on this blank dialogue after having selected a file to open (the file is on a synology NAS with Synology Drive accessed presumably via Files)

I have to force quit the app to get away from this dialogue

Any ideas?

My guess is that this is some kind of file presenter provided by the Synology app so that the files it manages appear in the Files app and in file pickers, etc., and it’s going wrong in some fairly heinous way.

Although it will take extra steps, I suggest that you use the Files app to copy the project from your Synology NAS to the iPad’s own storage before you work on it, then copy it back again using Files once you’ve finished with it.

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The Synology App is basically a viewer, but not mounting the drives in your NAS so that other apps can use them.

There is documentation on the Apple website on how to “mount” the drives via the files app. It is basically the same process as connecting a network drive in Windows or Mac.

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Will try that thanks