Blank Interface For Backbone

I just bought Backbone. But I get a blank screen when I open Backbone in Cubase 11.0.20. I use a 2015 Mac Book Pro Retina with Catalina. I am able to load tones, but I cannot control, create or edit instruments, as I get a full black screen(Please see the screenshot). Any settings/workaround to overcome this?

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Same problem here. On windows and with Ableton, Cubase and Studio One


Iā€™m not able to log in from my IP. Hope You receive this message.

It is still not solved! I gave up the idea to use Backbone, though my money is gone! Steinberg is really really bad at aftersales support.

you need to reinstall it! and check if all ok with your library manager!

I have tried whatever I can. But no hope. I can load the presets. But it loads with a plain black background and thus cannot edit/tweak anything.

my dear friend, I have repaired it! by myself! Yesterday! Cant believe! I am - crazy blond lady! solved it!
it seems to be the same problem like mine.
we need to repair and install correct the Steinberg Library manager!
you can write me mail - (you have mac - correct?)
in mail i tell you how i solved it

Sent you an email! Thank you!