Blank news hub with C12

Btw, Guy Michelmore made a great video about his experience with AS and Cubase/Logic.
He starts cubase and I see the same issue I had with a blank news around time slot 16:25. He do not mention it in the video.

bug still exists in 12.0.50.

bug still exists in 12.0.51

Same problem here 12.0.52 - usually have Chrome but reverted default browser to Edge, also tried renaming the WebView in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Components\WebView2Loader.dll as suggested in other threads.

What’s going on ? Win 10 latest still.

Same problem here (Cubase 12.0.52). Problem has started this afternoon. Problem exists with Chrome as default browser but also with MS Edge as default browser. I use Windows 10 Pro, everything is up to date… I have tried all the suggestions mentioned above in this thread, but no one worked…

The workarounds still work. I just installed C12 on a new Windows 11 installation. I did not use the Steinberg Download Assistant, I manually installed Activation Manager, Library Manager, C12 and the free VSTis.

Once installed I did this:

  1. Copied C:\Program Files\eLicenser\Tools\eLicenserCore.dll from the old installation to the same location on the new
  2. Renamed C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Components\WebView2Loader.dll

The hub displays and links open in Firefox (my default browser).

I found that I had to re-sign in to the ILoK License Manager with my password then the hub window started to work again.

For me is the problem solved with 12.0.60.

Yes, indeed. No need for the eLicenserCore.dll workaround.

However, if, like me, you want the content in the hub to open in your default browser (Firefox is best) then renaming WebView2Loader.dll is a workaround that still works.