Blank pages appearing - how to delete?

I’m working on a project with three flows and at some point this evening a couple of blank pages appeared at the end of the final flow [first row in attached image]
If I delete the final flow it is replaced with a blank page [second row in attached image]
If I duplicate the final flow (one page) it fills one of the two blank pages.
If I delete the newly created flow the blank page reappears.

How do I delete them? Am I missing something obvious?

UPDATE: I now know when they were created:
I had three flows 1,2,3
Duplicated flow 2 to make major non-destructive edits, flows in project become: 1, 2, 2_1, 3
Delete flow 2_1 and the additional pages appear at the end of the project.
Same happens if I delete any of the other flows: if the deleted flow was a single page then a single blank page appears; if it was two pages then two blank pages appear.

Go into Engrave mode take a screenshot of the “Pages” section in the right panel. Then post it here. I suspect there’ll be a number of red/green/purple page corners.

Just red corners and a blank corner.
Pages 5 & 6 are the pesky ones.
Pages from engrave mode.png

What happens if you right-click page 6 (in that section) and “Remove overrides”?

I know what will happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Blank pages gone!

Solved - thank you!

Great to have a solution, but is there a logical reason as to why those blank pages appeared?

There certainly are, but we would need to know exactly what it is that you did… But I suspect you were trying things out (without really knowing) and this often leads us to perform overrides without even knowing. Dorico won’t remove overrides unless it is told to do so. Be reassured : once you know how things DO work, it should not happen to you again — or you’ll notice the red corner immediately :wink:

This is how and when they were created. I just duplicated then deleted a flow:

Aha! So the red corner on the final page is the tell-tale sign?

If you actually post the project (having removed most of the notes) we can probably do the detective work.
With just a screenshot, no chance.