Blank plugin GUI panel - waves v9 64 bit

Due to another issue, I recently switched to using the onboard Intel graphics in my i7 4770k.

Then I found that in some of my projects, the Gui panels for my 64bit waves v9 plugins are showing as blank. This project worked fine before the change.
Blank Plugin GUI.jpg
It only happens with the waves plugins (Steinberg, PSP, Voxengo, SPL and some jbridged 32 bit plugins (including some waves) work fine.

In other projects they display OK. And in at least one, the plugins on the left half of the mixer display correctly and those on the right are blank.

See the attached pic for graphics system information
Graphics Info.jpg
Has anyone else seen this, or have any suggestions.

I found that by setting the video RAM to 512 in the BIOS it worked (at Auto and 1024 it didn’t).

Of course when I say worked, I mean that the plugins displayed OK. On board graphics does not appear to be a good solution in general - I only wanted this to work while I was debugging an issue with my graphs card (which I have not yet solved)