blank pop up windows

hi all
I have just installed Cubase artist 9.5.3 on a brand new PC…A HP all in one thingy with win 10
When the Hub opens up there is no project window on the right hand side to be able to select a project to start recording with.
And if I cancel that window and check settings in preferences all the pop up windows that open are basically blank with just a OK button or something similar down the bottom the window. I would under stand not being able to check the project settings as no project is loaded but I cant check the audio connections or anything…everything is blank
could this possibly be due to it being a brand new PC…is there some windows setting I need to check…I did a java download in case that was it but that didnt fix any thing



I would guess this is a graphic issue. Make sure it meets the system requirements.

Try to use the latest graphic card driver. If it doesn’t help, try to use some older one.

Thanks for your help…
as it is a touch screen monitor there were actually 2 different drivers that needed to be updated, but it appears now to be working correctly…finally got a Projects window :slight_smile: