Blank rehearsal marks

Does anyone else have this problem? In a few of my parts, there rehearsal marks are just blank. Out of a full orchestra, it’s only a problem in Oboe 1, Flute 1, Clarinet 1, and Violin 1 parts. If I change the rehearsal marks to letter or numbers instead of bar numbers, it works. But I really want to keep it as bar numbers. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Chances are you’ve got independent time signatures/barlines and you’ve basically confused Dorico. If you can post a cut-down version of the project, someone will be able to help you out. A screenshot probably isn’t sufficient.

Thanks for the reply! You’re right, I do have some independent time signatures. But it should be the same number of bars total, so I’m not sure how to correct the rehearsal marks?

What do you mean by “cut-down version”? Just the .dorico file? I can’t seem to attach one, but here’s a google drive link:

I had the same issue with blank rehearsal marks and independent time signatures in a piece last year, which I was unable to resolve. I ended up making all the time signatures the same. Here is the thread:

Could you fill in the empty Rehearsal Marks with the Text Tool?

A bit tedious, methinks. Easier to use boxed system text in that case.

Both options are just as tedious. Derrek, it’s possibly not occurred to you that the Shift+X text will need to be hidden in the score. Dan, it’s possibly not occurred to you that the empty boxes are already showing in the parts.

It occurred to me. I assumed it was obvious he’d just delete them in my scenario.

Oh I see. Boxed System Text in ALL the parts and the score. Wait a sec - do we have bordered System text?

I made a post about this earlier, which also has a response of acknowledgement from Daniel.

Well, we don’t have anything like Sibelius’ Boxed System Text, but you could always just create a regular system text object and turn on borders in the properties panel.

Ah, this is a great work-around! Thank you so much! Wish I’d thought of that! Hopefully this is something that gets worked out in the next update, but this will do for now. I appreciate all the input!