Blank staff spaces in system

Here’s part of the original autograph manuscript of JS Bach of the 14 Canons appended to his own copy of the first edition of BWV 988.

I’d like to lay it out as per the MS. How can I get blank gaps between sections like this?

[The issue of the reversed clefs and time signatures we dealt with earlier in a previous topic.]

Here is what I used in a similar situation.

Put a few notes in the blank bar between the two double barlines, then use Properties in Engrave mode to hide their stems and noteheads.

Note spacing?

I should think that any engraving would not extend staff lines between pieces, as on manuscript paper – even though you are reproducing the exact text.

I would use the coda feature to make a gap, since you need new clefs & meters anyway.

That may be so, but I want to reproduce quite closely the page Bach wrote, for just purely personal preference, not necessarily adhering to the rules of music engraving themselves engraved in stone. And in fact I need this capability quite a lot for the other aspect of the work I do in New Complexity School works, which is partly why I have asked, without wanting to muddy the question.

But thanks for the suggestion.

I like to use the small slash method by @FredGUnn