Blank Staves Frame causes crash

I want the right-hand facing page of the Page Template “Worksheet” to be filled with blank staves. These are the steps I follow before Dorico crashes:

  1. Engrave Mode
  2. Double-click Worksheet Page Template
  3. Delete all Frames on right-hand facing page (NB this doesn’t seem to matter upon checking)
  4. Insert Music Frame to cover whole page (NB any size will do upon checking)
  5. Filter by Flow>Blank Staves
  6. Apply (crash)

Project and Diagnostics attached

Pitch:Rhythm Exercises1.dorico (1.4 MB)
Dorico (910.4 KB)

What I’m trying to achieve is an exercise book with exercises on the LH page and blank manuscript on the RH page

I’m pretty sure we have already fixed this problem in our internal builds. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are planning another small update soon with a few bug fixes in it, and this will be among them.

Thanks Daniel