Blank Tablature and staff sheet

Hello, I need to create some blank tablature sheets for 6, 7 and 8 string guitars.
I tried to use Frames and Insert Music Frames tools, but I don’t know how to position them at the same distance. I can only approximately position them.
Is there any way to precisely position frames?
Thank you,


You don’t have to fiddle with inserting frames to achieve this.

  1. Set up your layout(s) with the desired Tablature staff. Video here
  2. Choose how many staves you want on a page (Layout Options → Staves and Systems → Casting Off
  3. Choose the “Fill with empty staves”-option when editing your layout.
    Video here

But if you DO occasionally want to position a frame exactly, click it on your Master Page and open the Properties Panel, where you can type in your exact measurements.
And watch the anchoring!

Thanks for replying, but if I do as you wrote, I get a short staff, whilst I need the staff has to be long enough. Is there anythings I need to do?

(This one trips up a lot of people just starting with Dorico…)

Layout Options → Note Spacing → Untick “Only justify final system in flow when more than x % full”.

Thank you, I have almost there now!
Just one more thing: I did exactly what you said, but the first stave is shifted on the right and not aligned to the other staves I added per page. Is there a way to move the first stave on the left? I tried in Engave mode but it doesn’t move.
Thank you again!

Layout Options → Staves and Systems → Staff Labels → Indent first system of flow by": ZERO

Great man! Thank you so much!
It’s been done in few steps, thanks!