Blip at start of capture using 'External Gear' plugin

Hi folks,

I’ve started using the External Gear plugin since moving outboard for mastering, and have noticed a couple of quirks.

  1. At the start of every rendered file there’s a small DC-ish blip that settles back down to the noise floor (see attached image). It lasts about 80ms, and makes a small click. Not a massive problem if you fade in or trim this off when assembling your CD, but it’d still be great to know why this occurs. As far as I can tell this doesn’t happen on normal playback. Does it have something to do with resetting the audio driver before rendering? Is it down to a change in buffer size for a more reliable render?

  2. I’ve noticed occasionally that glitches appear during playback if I insert a plugin before the external gear plugin, which then clear if I stop and start audio again (as though buffers are being recalculated to account for the extra processing in the chain). Very occasionally I’ll get something similar actually rendered in the audio, resulting in clicks/pops. Are there any buffer options I can tweak for rendering using the External Gear plugin? Thanks.