Blue background in 3.0.10

Is this intense blue background new in 3.0.10? Wasn’t it more subtle in v2?
Is there a way to change it?

It’s new in 3.0.0. No, there’s no way to change it.

The gradient is a clever idea. It doesn’t make much difference to me on a large monitor but on a laptop I found that without thinking, I was immediately able to know where I was on the page (vertically) by the tint.

I don’t mind the gradient. The intensity of the blue though, hurts my eyes.

There must be a graphic file somewhere in the application package… Which means, if one would replace it…
It is possible though that modern applications are programmed in a more sophisticated way.

That’s unlikely IMO. It only takes two shaded triangles to draw a shaded rectangular background of any size and aspect ratio, and the most basic graphics card can shade millions of triangles per second. A top of the range card can shade billions per second.

In the Qt programming language that defines the user interface for an application, you can create this sort of shading with literally a couple of lines of code to define the start and end colours and the shading direction (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).

Reading a graphical image and re-scaling the result pixel by pixel would be far less efficient.

Daniel said shortly: “… we do plan to provide control over the various colours Dorico uses in future”

this would be perfect.