Blue Cat Patchwork for vst3 virtual insrtruments?

Im totally new to this side of things. So Im basically lost right now

My issue is this, I purchased ezdrummer 3. It is only usable with a 64bit daw. I have cubase 7.0. 32bit installed on windows 7 64bit. Ive tried reinstalling it as 64bit to run in “parallel” with the 32bit but I can seem to make that happen for some reason. (I followed the steps to install but it doesnt let me get past a certain point.Much less show an icon of it being loaded or on pc somewhere using search) .

Tried jbridge…Same outcome. OR i did it wrong?

Now learning about blue cat patchwork and Im wondering if that will allow me to load ezd3 into it and use it as a vst3 virtual instrument on my 32bit cubase 7.o

Any advice or suggestions on blue cat or installing in parallel would be greatly appreciated

Won’t work with patchwork that way.
Jbridge is the way to go if ezdrummer 3 has still a vst2 version.

Actually PatchWork has a standalone version and this can be connected to a DAW over network (either on the local machine or elsewhere in the LAN) via the “Connector” plugin. Have a look there:

  1. Blue Cat's PatchWork - Fully Configurable Plug-Ins Chainer and Multi FX / Standalone Host or Plug-In
  2. Blue Cat's Connector - Audio and MIDI Streaming Plug-In (VST, AU, VST3, AAX)

Plugins and standalone are available as 32 and 64 bit.

It is advisable to use the trial and test it with the particular configuration/plugins to check if that works in the specific case.