Blue Cat Peak Meter Pro

I spent the USD$59 for the VST yesterday and started using it on a new song (actually a re-record of a song that is so old that I did it on my Tascam 688 cassette based system and don’t have a copy of the mixdown in a format that I can play :laughing: ).

I love it! It supports Bob Katz’ K system without having to use an SPL meter, which is why I bought it, but it also can generate automation based on the levels, MIDI CC data as well (for driving a lighting system, for example), etc.

It’s well worth the money, but now I have to go back and ensure that my previous songs are in the same loudness range for consistency’s sake. Ugh.

So what does it do? Just your regular frequency graph but with added midi output based on frequency band peaks?

It’s a peak and RMS meter. There is a mono and stereo version of this plug-in that you get when you buy it.

The frequency analyzer is a different plug-in (there are free and paid versions of this), and I also rely heavily on it.

Peak Meter Pro

Freq Analyst