Blue line step input : any key commands to move it?

Hello, is there any way to move the blue line cursor during step input with a key command ?



I’m afraid there is no Key Command for this.

I can’t provide you with a solution but here is a macro I created long ago that allows ‘tie’ input i.e., you enter a note in step input then hit this macro to extend it by quantization amount. I think with a similar macro you can move only the line instead of extending the last entered.

Transport - Set Marker 9
Edit - Select All
Transport - Locate Selection End
Transport - Locate Previous Event
Edit - Select from Cursor to End
Nudge - End Right
Edit - Select None
Navigate - Right
Transport - To Marker 9

move Insert Cursor: Navigate - Right (Left)
delete existing notes: Navigate - Add Right (Add Left)

Just use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Thank you for spotting this here! This feature (controlling via computer keyboard) is new since Cubase 12 (if I’m not mistaken). :wink:

Thanks Martin
is there a way to connect the blue line movement to the undo steps - means if I undo one note entry the blue line should also move one step back - at the moment I have to press undo and then again the computer keyboard left arrow key to achieve that?


You could make your own Macro, which would consist of two steps:

  • Undo
  • Go One Step Left

Thank you will try that :+1: