blue ripple sound & VR audio

i recently found this plugin manufacturer. It looks like they do what is realy missing in Nuendo yet.
Has someone here any experience with their products?

all the best

I’m not at all familiar with VR formats, Ambisonics and how these things work, and from that perspective it’s really hard understanding what’s on that page. :slight_smile: So many products and I don’t have a clue what they are for. It’s written by people who are deep down in tech stuff for people who know what they’re looking for. If I’m interested in VR and am looking for products and am not sure what I need, I have no chance understanding this page. But it seems they have a basic toolset for free so anybody with time on their hands can download and try it. Cool.

last I looked they very clearly stated they don’t work with Nuendo, why? because the bus architecture in Nuendo is closed (which is the software’s biggest flaw), in Reaper it’s possible to configure the size of your bus, meaning the requirements for higher order ambisonic reproduction can be met.

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I just stumbled upon this in a friend’s Sound & Recording:
MNTN, a spatial sound production software that also runs on Nuendo (and others).