Blue Screen - IRQL Not less or equal

Why would my system be doing this? I am unsure where to start.
What happens is that I load a track and occasionally when it’s loaded it will go straight into a blue screen.

Oh that’s not just about Cubase, windows is doing that a lot recently. Right now my DAW is crashed with this exact same error and this time I need a recovery disc to boot it. This is about the 5th time I’ve had the same crash - most times Cubase isn’t even running. This last one happened when I clicked on a browser link.

Google the error message and you can join in the fun of figuring out what is causing it on your specific system.

Which OS are you running?
The most common causes for that BSOD are corrupt OS or device drivers files / problematic or incompatible hardware. There are others though.

I’d start with downloading the motherboard drivers and install them, particularly chipset (I’d skip Rapid Storage).

Error logs for BSODs are saved in C:\Windows\Minidump, using WhoCrashed or BlueScreenView may point you at least to the area of interest.


Ram Error… You can test it… Remove all memory and reinsert after one… Boot your System and open Cubase with your Project and check the Memory with ‘‘MemTest’’ on error (one after the other)…

Greetings mkzwoo

Windows 10 64bit pro.

Thanks and I’ll try the other things you pointed out.

There are other occasionally odd things happening where the midisport freezes Cubase when selecting a track. I would then have to switch the unit off and on and cont/alt/del to stop Cubase, then start Cubase again and then all would be fine then on. Could this be related to the blue screen or is that something else?

I remember IRQ issues in XP where issues would occur when devices were on similar control no’s. Is this IRQL related in any way am wondering?

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A blue screen is in most cases a hardware error… the temperature of the CPU is ok? hardware change … HDD?? i once had the same problem and with me it was the hard drive…

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All valid points, in this case the minidumps indicate 1394ohci.sys.

A bad Firewire cable/connection ?
Has happened to me, more than once.