Blue screen only when using cubase

Hi there!

After >6 years on Cubase 3 I changed my desktop PC to a new one and I bought Cubase 7 elements. I’m on windows 8.1. I kept the old soundcard, since it was way better than what I need, the M-Audio delta 44.

This happened in October.
I don’t recall having any problem for the first months but I have to admit that I’ve used Cubase very rarely. Now I’m working more on it and after a random time between 20 minutes and 2 hours I get a blue screen of death! It says it was a fault of the audio card driver. It never happens, even if I let the PC on for a whole day, when not using Cubase (which means not being using the ASIO driver but the regular windows one).

Any hints on how could I solve this? I’d really like to avoid spending money on a soundcard…

i have the same problom help!

Update the ASIO driver, if there is not a new driver then trash the soundcard and get a new one , or try with ASIO4ALL

Sounds like a driver or bios problem to me. Update to latest drivers and bios.