Blue Yeti Pro Mic (MUTE?)

Hi folks,

I am hoping to make some videos to upload on You Tube using Cubase and Camtasia. Obviously I will be narrating over the top of the video explaining what I am doing etc. I have more or less decided on a mic after a few weeks research :-

The Yeti Pro has a MUTE button but I wanted to check please (if anyone knows), if when pressing or releasing this function, it causes the level meters (within the PC audio software) to ‘pop’. I am currently using a Sennheiser headset at the moment and when I turn On/Off the MUTE button it sends some kind of signal out which causes a short unwanted noise (which will obviously be reflected in the recording of my video/narration).

I have included a quick You Tube demo of what I mean (using my Sennheiser mic in VoiceMeeter) :-

Thanks in advance guys…



Why are you even considering an USB mike when you already have an audio interface?


Because my Soundcard (Steinberg CI12+) only has 2 x In/Out :-

The Blue Yeti Pro has both USB and XLR.

I wanted a mic I could use for podcast and also for recording a vocalist (in small home studio). After much research, I understand a ‘condenser’ mic is the best tool for these purposes. The Blue Yeti seemed to be able to tick all the boxes.

Why do you dislike USB mic’s please?



Because they usually have no “real” ASIO drivers and you are forced to use ASIO4ALL. This is a potential source of many kinds of problems.

I see. Forgive me not making enough research. Just read “USB” in specs and immediately freaked out :wink:

So you still can plug it into your CI12, which is good, but still you pay extra for USB feature. You could get better mic with same $$$ without USB. I can understand mic like Yeti Pro, if you want to use it also with computer without audio interface (occassional on-site recordings with laptop etc). In that case it even sounds a good idea.

This is not excuse IMO. If you need more than 2 inputs at once, USB mic is a bad solution, since once again you’ll fall into ASIO4ALL land, which IMO isn’t solution for pro DAW.

Thanks Jarno,

So you are saying ASIO4ALL is to be avoided at all costs. I have it installed but not used it before as yet. Though I always thought it was a ‘standard’ universal driver and so therefore widely used?

I thought it would be quite useful to have a mic which had both USB and XLR function?

Well its not essential that it has USB but on all of the many You Tube videos I have watched it seems that many professional narrators/podcasters/voice-over artists favour this (and many of them have an external soundcard!). Though I am not saying that either you/them are correct/wrong. Just seeking your professional opinion.

Well I have been thinking about investing in a bigger soundcard recently (I have started a separate thread on this matter) and also Jasmes gave me some advice this afternoon :-

Although I may still go for the Steinberg 4x4 interface if I choose to upgrade.

I have a couple of videos I just made on You Tube if you care to watch and gain a further insight into my current questions and issues :-

Much appreciated.



No. I’m just saying the “real” ASIO driver is better option and you should avoid ASIO4ALL if it’s not too difficult/costly.

As I said, I too find it useful, if you are going to do recordings on locations where you don’t have your audio interface available.

Have to leave now and go to help my niece. She is experiencing audio sync problems when trying to do narrations on her YouTube videos. You may guess which kind of recording hardware system she has. Can you?


I do not really plan to use the condenser mic (whichever one I choose) without the Steinberg interface being present. This is because Cubase will mostly be being used (in one way or another) during the video making (via Camtasia). Like you say, I won’t be taking that laptop out of my office to make a podcast/video. However, I can not say 100% for sure this will always be the case forever.

I did not see a MUTE button on any of the other condenser mics ?


I have no experience with the BLUE mics but you’d think that at that pricepoint they have a proper mute button that doesn’t pop.
However, in church we use dynamic AKG mics (not as expensive as a BLUE mic but not cheap) with a switch that used to be quiet, but after using them for some years the switch has started popping so with use it may detoriate.

What I would do in your case is use a regular footswitch to mute/unmute your audio track while recording. That has no impact on the recorded audio so no physical switch that’s causing noise.

Thanks Strophoid,

The footswitch would be needed to turn the narration (my voice) on/off. My external keyboard (via Steinberg Interface) and Cubase always need to be ‘active’. Its just my voice I want to mute (because the mic will pick up all the movement of me turning my chair to play the keyboard at my side, and the key clicking noise from the keyboard as I play it).


Was this a new purchase or used?

Most stores in USA offer a 30 day return for items that don’t function as expected You could always contact (even call them if you don’t mind the charges) I know they make good products and may have a solution for you.

Hi Kenny,

I have not purchased the Blue Yeti Pro yet mate.

The mic I used in my YouTube demo was a Sennheiser PC36. But I am not bothered about the ‘clicking’ sound on this mic because I only use it for Skype etc. I just wanted to demo the ‘clicking’ noise to make my Blue Yeti Pro (mute) questions clearer to everyone.



SO many store here allow you to buy product and if it isn’t what you expected return it within 30 days. Sweetwater is great about this… Do they do that there? If so get it and if you hate it send it back :slight_smile: I have a great sales person at Sweetwater if you need any advice at all. TJ has stopped me from making the wrong purchase on more than one occasion
In home studio I use MR816CSX and Motu 8 pre with Optical connections. I have 16 mic or 1/4in that way and never have to swap cords etc. Its a nice setup that didn’t cost to much as I got good deals on used stuff.

I have this soundcard for laptop, it is wonderful and very portable. But I am thinking of going thunderbolt with one below it. If I switch setups I will sell the track 16. I like the Motu drivers better than Steinberg and also the mixer is flawless with great effects. I like the pre on the 816 a little better, but when I am mixing I use MOTU because for me it never will hiccup.

Of course you didn’t. Pro audio people don’t use mutes on microphones. Only amateurs do. No offense.

This policy almost always excludes microphones, reeds, drumsticks, etc.


So you mean that the Blue Yeti Mic is an amateur microphone? The people I saw using it seemed very much to be professionals to me?


I would say probably they are not pro audio people. They may be doing podcasts, not professional audio. There is a difference.

Unsure as to what almost always means? Specifically, per one store I quote ““No Hassle” Return Policy:
We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with any product, for any reason, you may return it for a refund of the purchase price, an in-house credit, or exchange for another product within a fair amount of time from the shipping date (usually 30 days). If your purchase was eligible for free shipping, the shipping cost will be deducted from your credit or refund.”
You probably have a better understanding of these specifics than I do though as it sounds like you’ve been burned. Your advise is good & that is why it is necessary to ask/read policy prior to purchase and also to purchase product from a good vendor that wants to make sure you are there as customer as your needs grow. I personally vouch for my vendors and my endorsers to right by me and I never abandon them

Technology is constantly changing, mic diaphragms once unique to specific manufacturer are being cloned accurately. I got a ribbon mic from Namm show for $200 that a/b very well with a $800 high end mic. We ended up using both on guitars for a great sound. That Yeti surprisingly gets some great reviews and might serve his needs but not yours well. Will it replace a Neumann - Earthworks - SHure KSM etc absolutely not but no one Mic does it all does it? It should also be great for voice overs which is his general purpose I think, also the price is right

Oh ok, I know what you mean now. Yes, there is a difference.

Thanks a lot guys,

Lots of replies here ta !!

To boil it all down :-

I want a mic to record vocalists with in my basic home studio (which is in a high flat, double glazed windows and so pretty damn quiet). I believe a condenser mic would be the best choice. Something around $300 I would have thought.

The Blue Yeti Pro has a choice of 4 x Polars which I know makes this mic popular. For example, I could interview someone (sharing the same mic).

The MUTE button is not essential but is an attractive feature (providing it does not ‘pop’ the audio during turning on/off).

I don’t need to hear my own voice via the onboard latency-free monitor Output facility. Not sure why anyone would need to listen to their own voice to be honest ?

USB is not essential but again I thought was an attractive quality. In saying that, I may be investing in a 4 x 4 soundcard and so I will have double the Inputs (Jack/XLR) to what I currently have.

I do have an SM58 which I use for singing backing-vocals on gigs.