Bluearp vst

I need some help with VST.
I am trying to use Bluarp but I cannot get it to trigger any sound. I know it is only a arpeggiator and needs a sound source. So here is where I am
I open VST instrument and load Bluearp. Input for this is all midi inputs and output is bluearp. When I press a key on the keyboard the bluearp triggers
I create another midi track for my hardware synth( supernova). The input for this is bluearp output? And the output is supernova.
Both are set to the same midi Chanel
When I press a key on the keyboard I get a signal on both bluearp and supernova but no sound?
What am I missing? I’ve had a look at previous post but they don’t help.
Can someone give me a step by step?
Many thanks

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