Blues Brothers ?

Hi everyone !

Here is a new tune i have been working on lately. This is the backingtrack, vocals will be recorded soon.
The tune is kind of Blues Brothers style (hopefully) with brass and orchestra section - at least an attempt making a Blues Brothers style tune :slight_smile:

Uploaded a 320 bit mp3 to my own website (Better sound quality than Soundcloud)

Any feedback is really appreciated !

Thx in advance !

Really good. It’s catchy and almost stands on its own as is. Great production and nice arrangement. I’d look forward to hearing it once the vocals are in.

Thank you very much SLD Music !


Sounds great man !!!lets hear the vox asap…Kevin

So far so good! :sunglasses:

Beautiful! My favorite part o:10 to 0:24 where you hear the bass so clearly, it goes a bit lost later in the mix. I might make the drum part a bit more interesting, add a few different double ups and fills before the cymbal crash (like 2:29) and put some variation into the high hat pattern. Maybe it won’t make that much difference once the vox are mixed in. Michael

Thank you so much Kevin, Sherz and Michael ! Agree with some hihat variation and more exiting drum fills. Will continue to work on it. And the vocals of course.

Again, thanks !