Blues Sample Track

Hi! I can’t access Soundcloud currently but will come back to listen to others. Sherz set the bar pretty high with his track though :slight_smile:

The link below is to a work in progress. I just recently updated to Cubase 7.5.2 and really have been striving to get a more organic sound from the digital. I was going for a Robben Ford, John Hiatt, Clapton blues type sound.

I record and mix itb using:

Variax 300 and Ibanez 5string bass through Amplitube3
Addictive Drums 2 dark plate version of Fairfax Kit (combined processing within AD2 and Cubase)
VB3 Hammond and Leslie fx
Slate VCC, VTM (groups/busses), VBC
Mastered through UAD Ampex ATR102 and Slate FG-X

Any feedback welcome!

Enjoyed that :slight_smile: seemed a little light on the bass to me but definitely a good sound, worth developing it a bit more…


Thanks for listening and commenting Kevin! I don’t disagree about the bass. Not sure what I want to do about that either…

Great intro and then into a nice groove ,needs a couple more sections like a bridge and maybe a chorus type section ,sounds great though,is the guitar through amplitube ,great sound and over all nice mix. it`s crying out for some cool vocal in there also. kicking ,well done

Thanks polgara! Yes I recorded it all itb. It’s Amplitube3 that I used for guitar and bass which I’m finding more and more pleasing to my ears as I get better at getting it right in the mix.

Sorry for posting a work in progress but I wanted to get unbiased feedback on the recording. I do think the bass needs more work but, to my ears, I’m getting the best results I’ve ever gotten in Cubase.

I’m sure others can relate to this. After years of getting underwhelming results, I felt I would never approach the pro studio sound of my favorite artists. So I made the decision around 2011 to immerse myself in audio books/videos, DIY acoustic treatment and, finally, actually learning as much as possible regarding the tech aspects of the DAW as well as all the 3rd party plugs I’ve discovered along the way. Meanwhile, I was also learning about phase, gain structure, metering, and basically all the tech aspects of audio and the impact they were also having on the end product. Some of it I still struggle with like multiband compression and mid-side eq but I know that will just take more time and experimentation. I also have to learn when and when NOT to apply all these things I’m discovering you’re learning as I improve my skill set. :slight_smile:

well i`ts paid off mate ,sounds great .

Woah! THAT was loud! :astonished: I was just listening to some other stuff and then I put this on… nearly pinned me to the back wall :laughing:

Sounds really good though… Just needs to be turned into a finished product! :sunglasses:

theres just one thing and correct me if im wrong ,did you use the same guitar for the 3 different guitar tracks, cause they all sound very similar,unless you were after that effect. i`ve found using different instruments ,even if it was two different strats ,but totally different brands , lets say a gibson les paul and a fender jaguar for example you would probably seperate them in a mix with greater ease.but all the same it still sounds great.

Great observation. Yeah I was just getting the parts down but variety of instruments is always a good thing.

Nice sounding track, I know its not complete but it is a great base for the voices. Be careful about over limiting the mix as there is no dynamics or breathing in the track, also try pulling gtrs and stuff in and out possibly to create releases? The finished product will dictate what is needed.

Thanks kzarider - thanks for the feedback! I’m just glad you didn’t attack for my keyboard parts. :blush:

I deliberately limited the file hot to gauge responses and, so far, you and Sherz have only commented on that aspect. :slight_smile: