Bluescreen when quitting Cubase/Nuendo?

I recently had bluescreens while quitting Cubase5 - The system itself is rocksolid and it happened after long days.

Nasty thing is, that it crushed all the prefs cause the BSOD happened during the closing-process.

I am on Win7 64bit, Asus Board, i7 CPU, UAD2 Quad, Magma Chassis with 3x UAD1 + 2x PoCo PCI, 1x PoCo Firewire - aaaand that Motu PCIe 424 card.

Damn Windows - such a modern system and still the same uniformative text on the BSOD - “maybe it is hardware or maybe software, please ask someone”. Shit!

Well, thanks for any hint on this one!

This will tell you what driver is being the pain in the ass. I’ll take a lucky guess that it’s the Motu. :astonished:

Oh yea - Rock, I am most sure as well… Thats why I wrote “aaaaand that Motu card”… I had my first BSOD with that computer caused by the Motu - for some reason in that case the Motu was listed on the screen.

I recently had twice a similar BSOD after shutting down the system. Everything went well, but in the very end the computer remained running and that blue screen appeared.

I have the feeling that this can be caused when playbacking a file with a different sampling rate using the WDM drivers while the system is clocked at 44.1 with an Asio application open. Strange thing is, that during that operation I don’t have problems, just in the evening when I shut down. But that is just a feeling I was not able to repro it yet.

What can I do to get rid of that problem ? Not a showstopper though but a stain on the otherwise perfect performing setup.

Thanks again, Rock!

its not your pci-e card

I am in exactly the same situation as you.

cubase BSOD ONLY when quitting

process has locked pages error

I use a firewire audio interface, and the BSOD happenes regardless of whether its switched on

win7 x64

Well, and what to do now? It is quite an unprofessional situation… I am mostly with clients.

Did you try it out (the link I posted) to see which driver it is?

Have a look in Event Viewer -> Windows Logs (Application and/or System), if there’s any reoccuring errors that seem to be connected to your Cubase sessions. Also you could temporary disable (Device Manager) your UAD/PoCo stuff - one at a time - to exclude possible conflicts.

I’m getting repeatable “process has locked pages” BSODs whenever Cubase 5.52/6/6/01 tries to initialise a project with UAD-1 plugins. If I disable the UAD-1s it runs fine just using my UAD-2. This has only started occuring after installing the Cubase 6 trial.
Win 7 x64, Cub x32, 3 x UAD-1 PCI, 1 x UAD-2 Duo

Sorry, I was still not able to check out which driver ist is. I have to say that I never had that Blue Screen on quitting again, I avoided playbacking “other” samplingrates via Mediaplayer… But I had a reboot on shutdown a couple of times - sometimes the machine does not shut down properly, instead of that a blue screen comes up in the very end and the system reboots - it is no problem to shut down then. It still seems that this comes up when I playbacked files with different (to 44.1khz) files during I am in 44.1… But I am not sure.