Bluetooth Cubase Pro

Hi, I like to create video’s of live recordings in CB Pro, to eliminate the use of wearing huge headphones in the videos I invested in a pair of BT buds and a BT transmitter, I am using a Bluetooth transmitter on the phones output of the UR22MKII running CB Pro, during playback the sound is perfect, no latency no interference, however recording live into CB is causing a single delay, I have tried reducing the latency but I cannot get rid of it, as I say playback is perfect, but input has a delay to the ear buds. I have tried the setup on several other output devices and everything is fine except this live input.
Any advice would be truly appreciated, or any other piece of kit you could recommend.
Thank you

I don’t quite understand but if you are using Bluetooth headphones to monitor while recording then you will get latency. Bluetooth does have latency and is not recommended for monitoring.

thx, but surely if playback is perfect why cant live monitoring? live acts on stage use earphones, thats wireless monitoring isnt it?