Bluetooth e-liceser

A year ago I made the move to working completely on a laptop and it showed to be very befreeing. I have a wireless mouse which connects via my MacBook Pro’s internal bluetooth and i am planning to get same type of headphones for working on the go. But then what remains is that I will still need to have the e-licenser sticking out the side of the laptop which removes a chunk of comfort because of having to worry about accidentally nudging it and breaking the port/key.

Now, there does not seem to be any wireless third party solution out there for usb peripherals such as the e-licenser so i think that this has to be developed by Steinberg or whoever is the developer of the e-licenser.

Basically it should be a chargeable bluetooth device with the e-licenser built in. It can be in your backpack or just on the desk and whenever necessary you can just charge it via usb either to the computer or to a wall usb adapter. It could even support wireless charging via Qi standard.

My mouse which I use daily for several hours only needs charging once every two months, and this is a smaller type of mouse. So, the wireless e-licenser should not have to be any more demanding in power because as I understand it there is very little communication needed between the key and the computer.

The point is that I am pretty sure that this solution will come sooner or later because portable computers are already very powerful and convenient machines. I just think that it is time for first generation of wireless authorisers to appear any year now and I would hate it if Steinberg were late to the game.

You might want to try a wireless USB hub.

Experience shows, though, that some USB hubs are not compatible with the USB-eLicenser. Such incompatibilities might apply to wireless USB hubs as well.

If you have a nas, you can use your elicenser over IP