Bluetooth keyboards

hardware question here

I’m just starting out with Dorico Pro on a macbook pro and still in the process of setting things up

The ultimate plan is to add NotePerformer and libraries, and trying to keep overall complexity to a minimum

I have vintage midi keyboards but wireless/bluetooth seems like a better option

This will be strictly for note input so don’t need sounds or extra features. So far it looks like the Korg Air or CME XKey Air might be good options, I’m wondering about others’ experiences


And to swing way to the other end of things does anyone have experience with the Kontakt Kontrol S series?

On my Mac the CME XKey works fine. On ipad too.

Bluetooth does tend to add latency, which can be compensated for, but if it’s not too inconvenient to use a wired connection, it’s more reliable, higher performance, and cheaper to boot.

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I have the Korg Microkey Air 49 and it works fine. The advantage here is that it can be connected both ways (Wired and Bluetooth).

Thanks everyone for the input

It’s been about a 15 year break from doing music on the computer so sorting through all the hardware and software options is a challenge

This will be strictly for inputting to scores in Dorico, no DAW or live performance so latency is maybe not an issue(?)

The korg being able to connect either way sounds good

I’m also wondering if one of my 20+ year old keyboards would still work though I can’t remember but seems like they needed software drivers and a midi box

This will mostly live atop a piano w the top down but also will occasionally be bouncing between rooms so Bluetooth/batteries is appealing for simplicity

I saw that the company that makes the xkey air also makes a Bluetooth gadget to plug into any standard midi outs on non-Bluetooth keyboards

Thanks again everyone

I use an original Yamaha DX7 as my MIDI keyboard with a relatively inexpensive MIDI-to-USB cable from Amazon. It works fine, so do not arbitrarily exclude using an older keyboard.

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I use them as well to connect my Kawai VPC1 wireless piano, no latency.

I’m also using a 1995 Korg X5 with an inexpensive MIDI-to-USB cable. Works fine, and the Pianoteq keyboard calibration utility tells me that the Korg even has aftertouch – a “rare” feature. So you may find that your old keyboards are fine.

For this cases I use a Miditech Midistart Music 49, which is USB-Buspowered, and it has a really good keyboard action for it’s pricerange.

In part I was going on what a sales guy at a local store told me, that my old keyboards and midi interface would need software drivers and by the time I got a new midi interface and cables etc i’d be better off buying a new keyboard

Meantime I found the manual for one of my old keyboards and went to the local Apple Store for a little thunderbolt to usb adaptor, brought it home plugged it in and was up and running without any of that

So the old keyboard will serve for the time being and I can move on to my next rookie questions which will be plenty I’m sure

Again thanks to all for your input