Bluetooth latency with cubasis , iPad

i have an irig controller.
I notice that using my Sony bluetooth speaker and i notice a latency when recording.
If i am using my Apple Wireless buds, there is no latency.
i tried changing the latency within cubasis, but that doesn’t help matters.
i suppose the ear buds have a better bluetooth electronic/programming than my Sony ? I guess at the price of the earbuds, one would expect better application than my Song, which all in all with speaker and everything costs less than my buds.
so i guess i record monitoring thru the ear buds, and listen to the song via my Sony…etc
i suppose there is no way to get around this…

Hi bichon,

Thanks for your message.

Using Cubasis with audio devices, connected via Bluetooth can lead to technology-related latencies, unrelated to Cubasis.

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Thanks Lars !
your CUBASIS is a Godsend during these STAY AT HOME days. l’d go crazy without your Cubasis program… lol
stay healthy Lars !


Thanks for your kind message and wishes, bichon!
Please make sure to stay safe and sound yourself!


Please , dont use bluetooth, it will
only introduce more latency and more
problems, using bluetooth is the worst
you can do, believe me, 3 years back
i was trying bluetooth this and that with audio
, ipad, didnt work, bluetooth is just not
fast or good enough to be used with daws etc.
Th best thing to do is, to bypass the ipad
builtin audio and use for example, a
Irig Pro duo audio interface, which has allmost
every thing you need.
My set up is simple , a Ipad Pro and Irig Pro duo
with jack left / right output from the Irig Pro
duo to my monitor speaker and connecting
my midikeyboard to Irig Pro duo, just works well, no
latency, no noise, every things just works perfect.
I had one guitar player and one singer playing together
with cubasis 2 while recording and playback audio files
at the same time, it just works perfect.
Now i have’nt been trying out my newly bought cubasis
3 yet, but i hope the new cubasis 3 will be much
easier and better to work with.


Hi henrikmusic,

Thank you for your message.

It is a known fact, that Bluetooth audio introduces system-related latency, unrelated to Cubasis.
While Cubasis supports to use Bluetooth audio devices, we only recommend using them for tasks such as checking final mixes on other speakers etc.