Bluetooth MIDI keyboard w/ iPad

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but a quick search didn’t net any results.

How does one connect a Bluetooth midi keyboard to Dorico on iPad? In other apps, like GarageBand for instance, there is a dedicated Bluetooth connection interface but I see nothing of the sort in Dorico. If it’s of any use I’m trying to connect a Kawai ES110.

Connect your keyboard in Settings and then fire up Dorico.

As far as I’m aware apps need to provide support for Bluetooth midi, as Bluetooth midi devices don’t show up in the regular Bluetooth menu in settings.

To the best of my knowledge there’s no way to make Dorico initiate contact with a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard, however if you initiate contact via another app that’s capable of doing so (e.g. GarageBand) you can then load Dorico and it’ll recognise the MIDI keyboard.

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My Roland Piano does show up in the Bluetooth menu in Settings. That’s how I connect it.

Different flavors of Bluetooth work differently. My CME Xkey Air does not show up in Bluetooth settings but does show up in its own utility app.

That did the trick, thanks! My Korg microKEY Air also has the same pairing method but instantiating the connection through GarageBand fixed the issue. Would be nice to have native support for these types of Bluetooth MIDI devices in the app at some point.

Yeah I had to initiate my Korg Bluetooth keyboard in Cubasis, then go to Dorico and it works fine.

@sidebysidebyside & @John_Hinchey how is the Korg micro key? I was just looking at it. I like the AA batteries, but you have to connect through their app? How frequently? Also, how are the keys in use?

Presently have a CME USB but thinking of a BT if it would be more seamless.

I don’t think I’ve touched their app, so I don’t think it’s too integral to using it. I haven’t used the CME before but have used a previous USB microKEY and I will say that if you use any real-time recording then be aware that you’ll get occasional lag. It can of course be connected via USB though.

I really like the key feel as well - its squishy. Which doesn’t sound like it would be a good action but in this form factor it just works. It’s also gonna be a lot taller than the CME so keep that in mind if you’re using an attached iPad keyboard you’ll need to have the iPad raised or the Korg off to the side if you don’t want to ruin your wrists!

Actually I have the Korg nanokey studio. It has those ‘chicklet’ keys which not really great for playing. I got it for when I travel as it was the smallest of all this type of controller. It also has knobs and an XY pad which is great for use in Cubase when I’m traveling. The keyboard works fine for inputting notes in step time style entry in Dorico or Cubase, which is what I generally use it for on my MacBook. It seems to work about the same on the iPad via Bluetooth. One interesting note, I cannot use it with the iPad with USB via the camera adapter for the iPad. The iPad sends a warning saying it draw too much power. My Akai APC mini pad controller will attach via this adapter. Solo is you want play parts in with piano style keys this would not be the one for you.