Bluetooth Speaker Recommendations

I would like to add stereo Bluetooth speakers to my desktop for working with Dorico.

  1. A Bluetooth music keyboard did not play nice with Dorico. Have any of you had success with Bluetooth speakers (which would, of course, be a PC function and not integrated to Dorico).
  2. Any recommendations? I am running Windows 11 on an MS Surface. I would like something simple and compact, but naturally need a fairly good flat response so I can hear the whole orchestra including the bass, contrabassoon, and tuba. The Surface speakers sound pretty good but really drop out on the low end. Quality is more important than price.

KEFs are supposed to be really good. I haven’t tried their wireless but was recently considering their wired versions for a “bookshelf” vinyl system. (I ended up with some B&W 706s) They range from $999 to $2499 a pair.

PSB Alpha iQ ($999) would be another option.

You also might want to skip the bluetooth speaker idea and just try a wireless integrated amp too. Most of the better-known studio monitor brands don’t make wireless versions, so a wireless amp would give you a lot more options. Some good reasonably priced options could include the Audioengine N22 ($269), Pro-Ject Stereo Box S3 BT ($499) and the NAD D 3020 V2 ($499). You could then get whatever speakers you wanted, and there are obviously great deals on used speakers too from sites like Audiogon, eBay, open box deals from retailers, etc.

Excellent, thanks.

When I said speakers, I really meant powered as opposed to passive, but you’ve got all the bases covered here. I appreciate it!

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Anything wireless is obviously going to be powered, but if you look at a Pro Audio shop like Vintage King, I don’t think they even carry any wireless studio monitors. A wireless integrated amp (or even USB?) would give you a zillion more options for powered monitors.

(My own USB setup is an SPL Marc One DAC/Integrated and a pair of Neumann KH 120 II monitors. I think the Neumanns are really fantastic for the size.)