Bluray Disc- Audio mastering

WaveLab mastering BD-audio? In : stereo, surround (5.1 and 7.1) at 96/24bit?
good evening.

I’ve been out of audio post for some time but I think you will still need a Bluray authoring app to do this.

If you’re sending audio files to a client, then the audio file format shouldn’t be a problem in modern versions of Wavelab. Even Wavelab Elements can edit 5.1 surround, 96 kHz audio. Wavelab Pro goes up to 22.2, 384 kHz.

But yes, if you have to make your own proper Blu-ray format discs, you’ll need a separate authoring program. Wavelab only supports writing to data-only Blu-ray discs.

Ah. conoscete buone authoring per masterizzare bluray disc-audio?