Blurry fonts on 15,6 inch 4k UHD WIN10..

Why does not cubase follow Windows 10 scaling? Tried the trick to uncheck the “inactivate scaling with high DPI” the result was good screensize, but blurry text. So frustating. I have a Dell Inspiron 7566 15.6 inch 4k UHD, Win 10 and Cubase Pro 8 Version 8.0.40. Is there a fix coming? I have Photoshop CC and they have succeeded, If Adobe can work this out, the why cant Steinberg Cubase as well? I dont regret buying a 4k laptop, but im disapointed at Cubase. I might add that another screen in not an option for me, i really want this to work with my new laptop. Just tested Presonus Studio One 3, it works like a charm. Full support for high DPI settings with 250% scaling in Windows 10, razor sharp screen. I guess that its goodbye to Cubase and hello & welcome to Presonus.