Blurry text in dropdown menues in 10

Having 7 8,5 and 10 installed. Blurry text in dropdown menues in 10 but not in the other two.

Anyone have an idea? I have tried renoving high dpi scaling for win ten with nu result.
I run Win 10 pro

Could you attach a screenshot please?

You can se the difference of the top and the dropdown menu if you open the image at 100 percent.

Try switching your windows theme

Thanks. Doesnt do the trick. I´ll reinstall everything again beginning with 10 :slight_smile:

I just installed C10 from C9.5. Same issue here. The text in the drop down menus is fuzzy. What a shame. Would love to hear is there is a fix. I’m running at 144Hz refresh rate. 1920x1080. Windows 7 64 bit, NVidia.

OK I just read that “HiDPI is only supported on Windows 10 systems”. dang!

also found this:
•To enable HiDPI support in Cubase, go to Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ General and check ‘Enable HiDPI’. HiDPI support will be enabled next time you start Cubase.
•When enabled, the user interface will use graphical assets in high resolution

this option is not shown - I’m assuming it’s because I’m on Windows 7. Crum!!

Have you tried adjusting it with the Cleartype Text Tuner control panel?

This might help you: Windows 10 Blurry Text? Here's How to Fix it. - Driver Easy

Just FYI - Cubase 10’s fonts are no longer tied to the operating system (eg. if you change default font in Win 10, the drop-down menus DON’T change too. This is new to Cubase 10.x.x).

I have the same issue with Windows 10 Pro 1909, using Cubase Elements 10.
Text that are not focused by holding the mouse arrow above it will be very blurry. I’ve tried different scaling settings and tricks in Windows that should fix blurry image, but can’t wrap my head around it. Kind of frustating…