Blurry toolbar icons/graphics while using 125% windows scale, with HiDPi turned on


Just by launching Cubase, the splash GUI looks “un-sharp” and the text a bit blurry.
In Cubase itself, the toolbar icons (undo/redo, edit icons, etc…) look just like it is “unfocused” / blurry, other text on screen within Cubase GUI - looks “fine”.

For example, “state button” in toolbar looks like this at 120% scale : 120_DPI

Tried with different configurations: HiDPI flag turned on/off, Windows DPI compatibility settings , started the app in safe mode - all ended with same results, blurry splash + icons.

The only way I got Cubase to be displayed sharp in 125% scale factor , is the following “workaround”:

  1. Set windows scale to 150% or 200%.
  2. Launch Cubase (now the Splash screen looks sharp!)
  3. Open a project (the icons look sharp and crisp, but just too big…)
  4. Set back windows scale to 125% or even 100%
  5. Check out Cubase GUI… prefect!

Now everything looks sharp, for example, now the “state button” in toolbar : 150_DPI

I hope it helps others that might have this issue.

Is it a “known” issue ? HiDPI feature defect ? configuration issue ?
Any suggestions ?

My setup:
Windows 10, Cubase 11.0.10
32" HP monitor, 2560x1440, 125% scale factor
nVidia GT1030 (with “Image Sharpening” option turned off).
HiDPI flag - on (default)


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You have the same result with HDPI on or off? Reset your preferences.

Look for Cubase Safe Mode

Thanks Steve for your fast reply.

I just tried it with Safe mode and reset the preferences. Same results :frowning_face:

I dunno, sorry. I haven’t seen this exact issue on the forum. In any case you have a workaround that’s fairly trivial.


After trying to pinpoint the root cause of the problem (graphics card, drivers, monitor, OS, etc…)
I installed Cubase 10.5 and was happy to discover that the GUI looks sharp and crystal clear using the HiDPI flag in 125% scale or even 150%.

@steve - So it’s a Cubase 11 scaling issue after all, I hope it will be fixed in future updates.

Thanks again.

11.0.20 has just been released and I’m seeing the same issue you described initially
At 125% toolbars and buttons in general are washed out
At 150% everything is crisp

I’m wondering what may cause this issue as 150% makes everything way too bigger on my 32" 4k monitor

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Same issue here
125% scale
1440p some elements are blurry
maybe change to vector icon elements @steinberg