Board member optical drive recommendations.

Hello everyone,

A few years back I was a night club DJ. Recently I have found myself back in the business as a mobile DJ using a laptop and external HDs. I can not rave enough on how much I am enjoying laptop DJing verses carrying all the Disc binders I used to. So anyway, now I have the task of extracting the music from my pressed CD collection and porting them as FLAC files onto my external HD to keep my music portable. The problem I have been finding is in finding a currently commercially available DVD drive that is very accurate for audio extraction.

When I was first DJing, Plextor used to be the crown winner for CD audio extraction. I have heard that this may not be the case anymore. I assumed that most SATA DVD/CD drives are fairly on par with each other as far as quality. I chose to go with an Asus DRW-24B1ST for my desktop system. On my laptop I have a Optiarc AD-764OS drive. I’m not finding the audio extraction as error free as my old Plextors with using Wavelab and EAC for the audio extracting.

Most discs extract just fine, while some other’s seem to be real sticklers, with random clicks or errors found on what appears to be a pristine pressed master discs (no notable scratches or flaws on the surface). It is frustrating since I baby my CD collection.

After searching the forum here, I would like to ask everyone’s opinion for their recommendations on brand and models of optical drive they have had the most error free/ accurate extractions from pressed audio CDs. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!


Shayne Sheldon ( DJ Sammi Curr)