Body Percussion (stomping) with instrumentalists, and condensing

I’m engraving an instrumental piece which calls the players to use body percussion (stomping) while playing their instruments. This also a “flex band” piece and I’m also using condensing to keep the layout manageable.

See the picture below how I’ve achieved showing the body percussion (down-stem voice 1 X-noteheads).

Ideas on how I notate this so that it looks clear for the players but also condenses? Should I be looking instead at ossia staves? A different way of using voices?

Picture of the current score. See on the left page from Rehearsal H how in “Part 1” the condensing pairs are “Flute/Oboe” and “Clarinet/Trumpet”. Then at rehearsal J on the right page, the stomping starts.


If you have multiple voices on an instrument, Dorico won’t condense that instrument in that passage. Only single voice music can be condensed.

Dorico also won’t condense music for instruments that have multiple staves, so you can’t use an ossia either.

Therefore, your best bet if condensing is a requirement is to use different noteheads in the standard voice for the instrument.

OK thank you!