Bold font in playing technique text

Possible? How can I have bold for say ‘II’ for string number?

IIRC in the playing techniques editor you can chose a text style for that specific playing technique. Chose one you will not use and in engrave > text fonts change it to your liking.

Well that kind of works. What a strange thing to have to do, hack some style you are not using elsewhere. Although I am liking Dorico, some design decisions such as not being able to choose font style for playing techniques baffle me. And now what if I want italic, underline, and more - hack yet more font styles? I will say that this does not sound right in such a well thought out program.

You can of course select a style for Playing Techniques – but it’s the same one, for consistency.

Are these differently styles objects all Playing Techniques (i.e. that affect playback), or could they just be text items, with their own Paragraph Style?

I know from several posts here on the forum by Daniel that the team is rethinking the paragraph style/Text style distinction. They seem to have evolved differently at different points in development.

Though this very much does feel like hackery, if you want to create a new font style specifically for Playing Techniques, rather than reusing one of the existing ones, that’s possible.


Yes, it would be nice to have the possibility of choosing a playing technique and then in the properties panel just click on bold, italic, etc., alongside with erase background and the things already there. Also, brackest should be available in that context.

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Quite brilliant, Leo, but what on earth lead you to discover this?!

By accident, of course! I needed a way of getting little boxes for an educational fill-in-the-blanks thing, and one method involved using a box character from Wingdings (or similar). I can’t remember quite how I was using it, but I realised that a new “Wingdings” font style had appeared in the list, so I retraced my steps in order to figure out how it’d got there.

If curiosity killed the cat then I’ve definitely had my nine lives :wink: